Ars Poetica is working toward becoming not just a zero waste company, but to create a net positive environmental impact through our creative work.


We currently:

  • utilize only Eco-White and sustainable Savoy Cotton paper from Paper Source for all our poems,

  • purchase carbon offsets for all air travel, and

  • have eliminated all single-use plastics from our operations and events.

Starting October 1st 2019, we are now partnering with reforestation organization One Tree Planted to track the number of poems we write at all events worldwide, and underwrite the cost of planting a new tree for each and every poem.

A donation of just $1 plants a tree, so every guest at your event will know that their delight will also result in a slightly healthier planet as well.

Interested in partnering, or booking our poets to write for your events and help reforest the earth? Book now, or email our Chief Poetic Officer, LAMARKS:

one tree one poem.jpg