Tarot. Astrology. Poetry. Together.

Poets are highly attuned to the more nuanced forces of our systems, whether they be internal, societal, or more expansive. Sensitive and intuitive, some of our best poets are also highly trained astrologists and tarot readers.

Ars Poetica now offers monthly video and blog content exploring astrology and tarot as it applies to each astrological sign. We do it live at events, too!

After each sign’s tarot reading, Christine unfurls a poetic meditation that can carry every sign through their coming month.

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What does October have in store for you?

Read Christine’s Astrology and Tarot reading here.

After you enjoy Christine’s highly thoughtful readings, you will probably decide you’d like to receive your sign’s dedicated poem, hand-typed and mailed to you in time for the 1st of each month, so you can reflect on and benefit from it.

Order your monthly subscription to Astro Poetica, and receive a typed poetic mantra for your month, as it relates specifically to your sign.

Upgrade to a custom subscription, and we’ll do individual readings and poems for you based on your birth chart.

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