Daily Dose of Poetry

with your hosts: LA MARKS and TAz

Freehand Hotels and Smile Radio are hosting LA MARKS, Tania (TAz) Asnes, and The Ars Poetica Poets as co-hosts of Daily Dose of Poetry, a short podcast and video series for National Poetry Month (April!). New episodes of the show are released at 12pm every single day for the month of April, both on YouTube and via Smile Radio.

We invite a wide range of noteworthy and interesting people to be our guests on this one-of-a-kind show.

The show format is simple: the guest introduces themself and their work, then they tell us about a problem in their life, work, or the world, that could use a "dose of poetry." Then we whip up our responses on the spot in short-form poetry - fresh perspectives - a.k.a. “poetic prescriptions” on the topic at hand.

Click on images below to watch each episode of Daily Dose of Poetry as it is launched

Show Notes!

LAMARKS and TAz are not doctors, but they will provide poetic prescriptions for any problem that ails you or this strange planet.

Daily Dose of Poetry is directed, shot, and edited by Kearah-Armonie

Our theme music is by Abhilasha Sinha

Thanks to Freehand Hotels and Smile Radio for hosting us in their beautiful NYC recording studio

Email LA (LAMARKS@arspoetica.us) if you have any questions about the show.

Much love, LA + TAz