Deena is our star poet on the West Coast, and so much more. Through her Alexander Technique practice, Mind Body Grace, she brings her intuition and care beyond the page, and into the world.

Below is some more information about her practice, from her website, which you should visit.


I help people free themselves from harmful habits so they can move gracefully through no matter what life throws at them. I teach a more sustainable and creatively productive way to work, create, and be. Through collaborations and partnerships with creative people of service, we make space for learning, healing, adapting, growing.

I’m also a poet, voice-over actor. These also involve a great amount of focused, integrated attention, as well as cultivating presence. My creative work helps my well-being and informs my wellness practice.


As a trauma-informed, chronic pain survivor, I tapped into the incredible resilience we have with the right kind of tools and gentle support.

When I realized how much this work impacted my life beyond getting me out of chronic pain, I started seeing how I must help other discover this for themselves. I also gained a greater creative flow, more confidence in my body, an empowered voice, and a holistic healing also of my heart. I have come to know that my raison d'être is to help others on this journey of self-discovery and betterment.

Deena can be booked for:

  • acting and singing

  • writing and sound healing workshops

  • one-on-one Alexander Technique sessions

  • Voice Over acting

  • typewriter poems-on-demand

  • video collaborations on the themes of health and wellness, Arab-American culture and identity, multidisciplinary art, and entrepreneurship

  • op-eds and writing opportunities

To book Deena, please reach out directly to Lisa Ann Markuson at, or for bookings specific to Alexander Technique, email