Oh hi there.

If you’re reading this, our Chief Poetic Officer, LAMARKS just brought you a small gift to help sweeten your busy event season.

We are Ars Poetica: a woman-owned, intersectional, mission-driven experiential entertainment agency based in Brooklyn, NY and bringing language arts services worldwide. And starting this October, we are planting one tree for every single poem we write - a great element for a client who is environmentally minded.

What kinds of services do we provide? Here are some examples of actual events we’ve done recently:

  • bespoke poems while impersonating Coco Chanel at NYFW

  • interactive on-demand typewriter poetry at beatnik-themed corporate holiday parties

  • custom commissioned spoken word poems on stage at midtown innovation conferences

  • write-your-own haiku workshops + albums at charming West Village bridal showers

  • astrology and tarot at Los Angeles wellness events

  • poetic residencies at The Smithsonian in Washington, DC

  • VIP gifting and custom poems for Parisian luxury dining events

  • tableside poetry at small and large-scale dinner parties in Chicago + San Francisco

  • sketches and portraiture at huge media groups worldwide

  • calligraphed Greek-style myths in full Athenian garb at uptown finance events

  • curated poetry, music, and comedy series in Times Square

  • Pride-themed haiku for World Pride in NYC and Stonewall’s 50th anniversary

We truly believe we can use The Art of Poetry, and all language arts, to bring people together to celebrate in a refreshing new way. And we’d love to bring that magic to your events, because you are the absolute best in this brilliant industry.

Please enjoy this gift, including some of our favorite things:

  • perk up with raw, vegan espresso truffles from Fine & Raw

  • admire nature with hand woven corsages from Stems

  • stay cool with sparkling organic CBD water from Sweet Reason

  • and of course, get inspired with a custom poem dedicated to you, with love, from me

It would be an honor to be considered for entertainment and gifting your upcoming events - please enjoy our informational deck to get to know us more, and get in touch with me any time if you’d like me to come up with special custom ideas for you and your clients. (lamarks@arspoetica.us // 916.798.9578 // book now form) I am truly at your poetic service.

In love and poetry,

Lisa Ann Markuson (LAMARKS)

this is me!

this is me!