If you landed here, you already know: the custom typed, dedicated haiku is the ultimate memento from any event, for any audience.

Our poets are dedicated to the ancient art form of haiku, which they apply to universal audiences as on-demand, completely custom interactive entertainment. Having a haiku artist at your event:

  • elevates the ambiance

  • adds that “special something” you need

  • engages with each guest individually - each haiku takes only 60-120 seconds to write!

  • guides deeper, more memorable conversations amongst event attendees

  • gives your attendees something analog to interact with in real time

  • leaves your guests with an unforgettable memento that they get to take home with them and keep forever - with your information or branding on the back.

There are plenty of “typewriter poets” running around these days. Ars Poetica is unique because:

  • we have the largest, most diverse, most dedicated and experience team of artists

  • we are 100% woman-owned and operated

  • we plant a tree for every poem we write - so your attendees are getting entertained well, and doing good for the earth.

Ready to book Ars Poetica haiku artists for your event?