So You Think You Can Assist A Poet?

Oh hi there. I am the entrepreneur / founder / Chief Poetic Officer running this poetic agency representing 35 independent artists around the world. We are called Ars Poetica. You’re literally on my website right now.

These are our company values. They spell FA(I)ME. Because we are on our way to being famous.

F - Feminism

A - Artistry

I - Intersectionality

M/M - Minimalism (never superfluous) Maximalism (always high-impact)

E - Environmentalism

I need an assistant to help me manage my administrative tasks, correspondence, and duties related to the smooth functionality of the business. My assistant / production manager's main tasks will be:

  • answer my emails + set up calls and meetings

  • keep track of my (pretty simple) schedule

  • order and stock supplies for the company

  • manage our booking schedule

  • draft contracts, send invoices, and take care of other minor client facing admin

  • do small research projects

  • occasionally run errands around town

I'm also a strong believer in letting my team grow and shine in their areas of talent, interest, expertise. You'll be a vital part of my very fun team of collaborators, and I'll appreciate your input and ideas wherever you care to share them. If you're creative, this could be quite a rewarding company to work with, or perhaps you just appreciate supporting creativity, which is also great.

I need someone extremely reliable, detail-oriented, and dedicated. This position can start small and have a very flexible schedule, and ramp up over time, hopefully to a full-time position.

If you are considering applying for this role, please be:

  • passionate about the big picture success of me and my company, and succeeding as a team

  • ready to be proactive about problem solving and finding ways to improve our systems, not just passively waiting for me to tell you what to do

  • empathetic and enthusiastic - I’m the type of boss that occasionally needs her assistant to say “Hey you can do it you are awesome!”

  • comfortable working in luxury, hospitality, and entertainment industry spaces (which occasionally includes: dressing up, sucking up to millionaire clients, telling other people what to do and defending our artists against people who want to take advantage of them, and just overall being a badass)

  • into the details! I am a big-picture person so need you to LOVE editing an email, triple checking a call sheet, etc

Job Type: Independent Contractor for 3-month trial period to make sure we’re a great fit before bringing you on as an employee

Salary: $20/hour starting rate during 3-month trial period, 10-20 hours / week + up

Start Date: ASAP

Location: I need you to work with me in-person at least 1x weekly so it should be easy for you to get to Brooklyn.

Make it this far? Email your CV + cover letter to with subject “ASSISTANT APPLICATION” including why you think my company is cool, a haiku about yourself, and how you want to support its growth and skyrocketing to greatness. If you get the subject line wrong or don’t include one of these elements I’m sorry but you will be disqualified. #details