It Takes a Global Village

We collaborate around the world with some of the best in the biz. From photography, to music, illustration and set design, to indie businesses of all kinds, we love them and think you will too.

Art + Music + Illustration

David Herschorn of Photobohemia in Los Angeles not only has taken glorious photos of us (like the one in this banner) but has also designed and built portable staging and backdrops for our poetic engagements. Check out his website for more of his masterful work.

Matt Long is our most trusted NYC illustrator. He brings quick wit and finely honed ink to our words, creating a visual element that raises the bar of every poem he embellishes. Follow him on IG if you dare.

Jamie Walsh is a new illustrator addition to our crew, who also happens to be brilliant at design and art direction. Her work is here.

Elliot Dahl is a fabulous illustrator with whom we adore collaborating in the SF Bay Area. He’s also a designer and futurist, so have a look at what that means here.

DJ Tasha Blank is a revolutionary sound seductress, creative coach, movement magician, and true leader of the pack. Learn about her here, and attend her Get Down dance party immediately.

If you like pop, oldies, or any kind of high energy musical entertainment, you have to meet our friends Backtrack Vocals, a five-piece a capella group based in NYC.


El Granero is the most glorious typewriter purveyor on planet earth. Their refurbished and custom machines are like tiny angels from the days of yore. And their service is phenomenal. Check them out on Etsy.

Gramercy Typewriter is our favorite place to get our machines in prime condition. Visit the father-son duo in person, you will thank us later.

NYC businesses

Arthur Avenue Food Tours is an unbeatable way to get to know the tiny Italian village we New Yorkers fondly call “The Bronx.” Our founder Lisa Ann swears by Italian Rainbow Cookies, and they’ll show you the best ones, and more.

The Bronx Zoo is our absolute favorite wedding venue in the city, not to mention has a phenomenal lemur and seal situation. (separate, not together)

The NoMad Hotel is our favorite overall event venue on earth though, if you’re into #ManhattanPrices.

Speaking of hotels, our favorite place for a staycation (or a quick jaunt to Miami!) or coworking + drinks is Arlo Hotels, in SoHo and Nomad.

Bowery Poetry Club is where you will always find us on Sunday and Mondays, if we are not blessed to be booked to perform elsewhere, that is.

Illustrated by Matt Long, of course.

Illustrated by Matt Long, of course.

Elliot Dahl’s surreal and delightful work here.

Elliot Dahl’s surreal and delightful work here.