Why I Write Poetry: A Rhyming Poem

Why do I write poetry, you ask?

well let me think

Why when thrown in water do you swim and not give up and sink?

We are thirsty people and we don’t know what to do

We can’t slurp with just our tongues - it’s sad, I know, but true.

How lucky that collected drops can gather in a cup

Even better if hand-held so that we can lift it up

If you aren’t following this metaphoric shpiel 

I’m trying to describe to you the way I tend to feel

When I’m desperate to quench my existential throat

Gazing up at castle walls from in this shark-filled moat

Water water everywhere 

And not a drop to drink

Water water everywhere

Goes stagnant till it reeks

Water water everywhere

In tiiiiny plastic bottles

Water water everywhere

But none for baby turtles

Water water everywhere

It’s surging through the sewers

Water water everywhere 

The rats are microbrewers 

Nobody in power recommends we drink the rain

But seven years ago I realized eau de vie is worth the pain

My thoughts were a river on the outskirts of this town

If I didn’t somehow guide them I would very surely drown

So I became a poet (or some surely call me a clown)

Because I found the fluid from my faucets had turned brown

You may think digging wells is a pursuit where there’s no gain

But I can’t bear to watch our spirits sucked into a MAGA drain

The beauty of a poet’s life is that none are the same

And when our poets die we all go back to where we came

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