Ars Poetica is an interactive poetic agency, providing thoughtful, artistic entertainment for events around the world.

From custom haiku written in 90 seconds on vintage typewriters, to impromptu poetry battles, to workshops and stage performances, your wish is our command for memorable experiences in any venue.

Set up a call with our founder, or text her for more info at 916.798.9578.


At weddings…

The happy couple always gets a special dedication.

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At conferences…

A poet gives a fresh perspective on topics of discussion.


At parties and galas…

The delight is infectious and spreads through the room.

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Shareable anywhere…

Guests can’t resist snapping a pic.

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Yet irreplaceable…

The guest keeps a custom gift with your insignia, forever.

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Ars Poetica is Latin for “The Art of Poetry”

Read a quote from the Horace’s two thousand year old treatise on the value of poetry to human society.

“Poets wish either to profit or to delight; or to deliver at once both the pleasures and the necessaries of life.

Whatever precepts you give, be concise; that docile minds may soon comprehend what is said, and faithfully retain it.

He who joins the instructive with the agreeable, carries off every vote, by delighting and at the same time admonishing the reader.”



Our artists have written for Drew Barrymore, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Bill Murray, Queen Latifah, Rosario Dawson, Rufus Wainwright, Emmy Rossum, and other celebs - but there were no cameras allowed, so we’ll tell you about it in person. ;)

#celeblife = #poetlife

We are proud to represent thirty-five international, multicultural creatives, poets and language artists, who are the fuel for the magic we create all around the world, with you and the guests at your events.

Meet some of our finest talent here, and get to know them better.

You may just want to request them by name.

Tania Asnes (aka TAz) is a poet and actress educated at Barnard College and William Esper Studio. She is known for her remarkable class, wit, vocabulary and love for her two black cats.


Anthony McPherson

Anthony McPherson is an international slam champion, spoken word artist, teaching artist, social justice luminary, and he has seen every episode of Sex & the City at least twice.

Deena Odell Hyatt Typewriter Event Poet Haikuist

Deena Odelle Hyatt

Deena Odelle Hyatt is a Palestinian-American poet, Alexander Technique practitioner and healing arts community cultivator. She applies her grace not only to words and touch, but also voice as DC’s Wonder Girl. Yes, a true Wonder Poet.


Sarah Serrano-Esquilin

Sarah Serrano is a Puerto Rican poet currently studying art therapy, and has had her work published in multiple anthologies, focusing on domestic violence, the power of the feminine, and Latina identity.


Micah Greenberg

Micah Greenberg is a naming and branding specialist, amateur rapper, and one of our only poets who actually majored in poetry. His poems are extremely romantic, so watch out ladies.


Paasha Motamedi

Paasha Motamedi is an Iranian-Indonesian American poet, photographer, and fashion icon. He splits his time between Brooklyn and San Diego, the envy of both coasts for his intellect, art collection and mastery of baking sourdough bread.


Sahina Jerome

Sahina Jerome is a Haitian-American poet and special education teacher. She has a particularly sensitive and evocative style, lighting up every room she enters. She is also an accomplished vintage collector.

george akolade coker.jpg

George Akolade Coker

George Akolade Coker is a Nigerian-American actor, philosopher, yogi, and poet. He traverses the state of California exploring the farthest reaches of thought and expression and hip flexibility.



Kearah-Armonie (Kearmonie) is a Multidisciplinary Artist from Brooklyn. She’s currently pursuing her MFA in Film/Post-Production at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema + is the Director of Daily Dose of Poetry.


Tomás Riegos + Sierra Clark

Tomás Riegos and Sierra Clark are wise old souls who will move you beyond yourself. Businesspeople by day, healers, leaders, and performers by night, their work (in Spanish and English) will inspire you in ways you couldn’t expect.


Karthik Purushothaman

Karthik Purushothaman comes from Chennai, India, giving up aerospace engineering for poetry because he would rather build missiles using words than metal. He is a published professor, but secretly wishes he was instead a dropout sensation. Sigh.


Elio Icaza

Elio Icaza is a Panamanian-American designer, philosopher, and the sweetest guy ever. He calls NorCal his home, and will happily write for you in Spanish or a Wisconsin accent.

Cameron George Stuart  UK Typewriter Poet

Cameron George Stuart

Cameron George Stuart leads our UK team, armed with an MFA in Poetry from St. Mary’s College in California. His intricate linguistic skill and humble empathy will open up even the stodgiest hearts.


Joyce Lim

Joyce Lim (Zem Su Yung) is a Washington, DC-based purveyor of uplifting spiritual science fiction through her record label, poetry, DJ-ing + more. Her focus and care for every poem will amaze you.

Noah Moss Bakersfield Lawyer yellow typewriter

Noah Moss

Noah Moss is, wait for it, not only a poet, but a practicing lawyer. Yes, a modern Renaissance Man. He has a deep love for poetry that you will feel the instant you meet him, usually in California.

christopher nataanii.jpg

Christopher Nataanii Cegielski

Christopher is a Navajo poet and filmmaker from Flagstaff, AZ. He directs with the purpose to inspire the next generation. He is based in Los Angeles where he’ll surely inspire you too.


Christine Aprile

Christine channels her intuition through poetry, tarot reading, and music as well, each as sensitive and compelling as the last. She’ll find something in you that you probably can’t see yourself.

chris Keener Typewriter Event Poet

Chris Keener

Chris is a deeply wise and caring poet, director, entrepreneur, and breathworker. He proves that energy and empathy move through sight, words, and every inhale and exhale we take and give.

victor diaz zapanta.jpg

Victor Diaz Zapanta

A world traveler and multidisciplinary creator, Victor is, in a nutshell, an idealist, aesthete, and nerd. You will receive the benefit of these qualities through his work.


Katie Lauren Walker

Katie can see both sides of the page, in publishing and performance. With an MFA from Saint Mary’s College, her exquisite words will charm you immediately.


Vreni Michelini Castillo

Vreni is a multidisciplinary teacher, cultural producer and organizer originally from Mexico. She focuses on community enrichment through red medicine, writing, music, visual arts and danza.


Mikumari Caihye

Mikumari is a New Jersey-based actor, poet, emcee, and spoken word artist. He not only writes and performs with us, but the Mayhem Poets around the world.


Andrew Bucket

Andrew is truly hilarious, gregarious, and haikus to the beat of his own perfect majordomo. He’s a professional comedian too, which you will love.

Olivia Dodd Lodon-Based Typewriter poet Headshot

Olivia Dodd

Olivia is a London-based poetess and actress, with a new BA in Acting at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, and has a particular love of sonnets.

Jackson Lewis  Event Poet Headshot

Jackson Lewis

Jackson is a poet, reporter, and playwright on our fantastic Chicago team. He graduated from Milliken University with a degree in English, and will please with with his candor and wit.

Ramya Ramana Poet Brick Wall

Ramya Ramana

Ramya is an NYC Youth Poet Laureate, spoken word artist, teacher, and graduated from St John’s University with a degree in Philosophy. Her thoughtful attention will bring your poem to life.


Devin Person

Devin is a poet, product manager, and, what’s that? Yes, a professional wizard. He brings an original blend of wit, magic, and wisdom to all his poems, and magic spells.


Peter Tiso

Peter Tiso is a canoeist, cartographer, GPS genius, farmer, typewriter repairman, and of course, poet. He keeps our Massachusetts contingency in tip top shape from Great Barrington.

leah clancy.jpg

Leah Clancy

Leah Clancy is a true writer at heart, and a community leader in Los Angeles. With experience in fine art and education, she not only can write you an impeccable poem, but can illustrate it as well.

Jane Potthast London Event Poet Ars Poetica

Jane Potthast

Jane is a writer, entrepreneur, and autism therapist Washington, DC. Jane has a B.A. and M.A. in comparative literature from Goldsmiths, University of London, and will likely channel the divine through her work. 

sarah rosangela.jpg

Sarah Rosangela

Sarah graduated from Saint Mary's College and is currently getting her MA in Environment, Peace, and Conflict Resolution and curating an exhibit on the role poetry plays in how civilians and communities process trauma in wartime. She also makes a great cherry danish.

Bryson David Hoff Headshot Chicago Typewriter Event Haikuist

Bryson David Hoff

Bryson is a poet, actor and gym buff based in Chicago, who graduated from Millikin University with a double major in Theatre and Creative Writing out his written publications here.


Sophie Ouellette-Howitz

Sophie is a Portland-based freelance writer, confirmed lesbian, and former rugby player. She’s also a creative writing instructor at Elephant Rock, a nonfiction reader for Orison Books, and a profile writer at Street Roots.

A female entrepreneur with a passion for freedom & creativity.

Poetry is served Lisa Ann Markuson Female Entrepreneur

Poetry is Served.

Karen Obrist took this photo and is an angel.

Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson is the founder of Ars Poetica. With a degree in International Studies from University of San Francisco, and one semester of graduate studies in International Communications at American University, Lisa Ann was on track to launch a career in cultural diplomacy. That is, until the day that her boss (who looked exactly like Draco Malfoy, by the way) sat her down in his office and said, deadpan,

“You remind me of my sister, and I don’t like that. You need to tone down your style and learn to fit in more if you’re going to succeed in this organization.”

That was the end of her government career.

Now, with 10 years of experience as a freelancer, indie event producer, moonlight journalist, curator, social media executive, yoga teacher, bicycle tour guide, and 5 years as co-founder and then CEO of The Haiku Guys + Gals, she’s finally battled her fears to the death (though sometimes it feels like it might be just a flesh wound) to make a radical shift to a more feminist, inclusive, and sustainable business model to celebrate the multitalented nature of her artists. Her dream? To fulfill the potential that poetry has to enrich every type of experience, on and off the page. And of course, always outside the lines.

Lisa Ann takes her biggest pleasure in life from eating sushi and writing and performing custom poetry around the world, and will be honored to write your poems in Spanish, English, or Swedish. If you like, she will bring her wizard fiancé along too - of course, he is a magic wordsmith as well.


Find Poets, or Let Poetry Find You…

We have poets based in:

  • Brooklyn, NY
    (World Poetry HQ)

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Washington, DC

  • Portland, OR

  • Boston, MA

  • Montreal, QC

  • London, EN

  • and of course, Paris

Not in your city? We send poets all over the world, and will work with you to bring their magic to wherever you are.