Typewriters Provide an Unforgettable Touch for Any Event

typewriter the get down poems by taz.jpg

for a nostalgic ambience and vintage flair

The sound of an antique machine clacking away fills your event with memories of days gone by. Guests that interact with the poet get a wonderful surprise in the form of a tiny poem written just for them. But even guests who don’t receive a poem benefit from the inspiring sound of literary genius floating on the air. We even have typewriters that can write in cursive!


for a quirky, bold aesthetic statement

“Vintage” doesn’t have to mean old and stuffy. We have a collection of bright and beautiful machines from the 70s and 80s like this sassy fuchsia Adler, that can bring a pop of color and excitement to any event, even if it is nowhere near “antique” in theme.


For a truly historic element unlike any other

We are collectors of beautiful typewriters, that is for sure. We own and have access to immaculate ancient machines (both functional and purely aesthetic) that will completely amaze any guests who are looking for something that feels like a true time capsule. An antique portal into the world of Mark Twain and beyond.

Whether you’d like to book a typewriter poet, or you just need a special antique aesthetic element and want to rent one of our dozens of beautiful, functional, and decorative machines housed nationwide, reach out via email or text:

(LAMARKS@arspoetica.us // 916.798.9578)