that’s Lisa ann at the typewriter. She’s SHARING experiential poetry, interpreting a story, an idea, or even a single word she heard from the woman sitting across from her - an event attendee about to receive something unforgettable.

WHAT ARE WE KNOWN FOR? A Step-By-Step Guide.

  1. You hire OUR POETS for your next event

  2. We listen to your needs and customize the poetic experience

  3. We show up, dressed to elevate your theme, and take to our creative command center for the night

  4. Your guests tell us their stories: what delights them, what is meaningful to them, anything at all

  5. We write each guest a customized haiku or other form of poem based on what we hear

  6. Everyone takes home a one-of-a-kind keepsake of the event with your social info, logo, or other custom elements featured on the cards (many of our poems have been framed, gram’d, and some even tattooed)

  7. You can’t wait to hire us again ;)



  • Custom installations themed to fit the event

  • Illustrated poems in collaboration with visual artists

  • Typewriter guest books at receptions and weddings

  • Multidisciplinary stage performances and immersive theatre

  • Workshops, team building, education


A quick consultation via phone, video, or email, can open up myriad poetic potentials for expressing yourself, your love, or anything at all. Get in touch to be connected with a real live poet to write you a custom commission in any form, for any occasion.

Email us at or call or text: 646.481.0652

Dream reviews from our idols…

Smarter than a photobooth.
— Annie Leibowitz
More personal (and better rhythm) than a DJ.
— Calvin Harris
Sexier than a TED Talk.
— Ted himself
Wittier (and less hassle) than a celebrity guest.
— Bill Murray
Lasts longer than latte art. Though you should still totally get latte art. Just saying.
— @baristart
Less cleanup than a confetti cannon.
— Mick Jagger
More drama than a Broadway show.
— Matthew Broderick
More cathartic than therapy.
— Dr. Oz
Perfectly custom. Luxuriously bohemian.
— Your Wealthy Eccentric Aunt
Delightfully inspiring. Aha Moment-worthy.
— Oprah