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Poetry is served.

(Karen Obrist took this photo and is an angel.)

Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson is the founder of Ars Poetica. With a degree in International Studies from University of San Francisco, and one semester of graduate studies in International Communications at American University, Lisa Ann was on track to launch a career in cultural diplomacy. That is, until the day that her boss (who looked exactly like Draco Malfoy, by the way) sat her down in his office and said, deadpan,

“You remind me of my sister, and I don’t like that. You need to tone down your style and learn to fit in more if you’re going to succeed in this organization.”

That was the end of her government career.

Now, with 10 years of experience as a freelancer, indie event producer, moonlight journalist, curator, social media executive, yoga teacher, bicycle tour guide, and 5 years as co-founder and then CEO of The Haiku Guys + Gals, she’s made a radical shift to a more feminist, inclusive, and sustainable business model to celebrate the multitalented nature of her artists. Her dream? To fulfill the potential that poetry has to enrich every type of experience, on and off the page. And of course, always outside the lines.

Lisa Ann takes her biggest pleasure in life from eating sushi and writing and performing custom poetry around the world, and will be honored to write your poems in Spanish, English, or Swedish. If you like, she will bring her wizard fiancé along too - of course, he is a magic wordsmith as well.


Ars Poetica is Latin for “The Art of Poetry.” Yes, it’s a little academic, but it’s what inspires us. To quote from the Horace’s two thousand year old treatise on the value of poetry to human society;

“Poets wish either to profit or to delight; or to deliver at once both the pleasures and the necessaries of life. Whatever precepts you give, be concise; that docile minds may soon comprehend what is said, and faithfully retain it. He (or she) who joins the instructive with the agreeable, carries off every vote, by delighting and at the same time admonishing the reader.”

Poets featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, CNN, Bustle, and beyond? How are they not famous yet? Book us before we’re only writing poems for Beyoncé.

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