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When The Alps Call Akolade... Part 2

We wear it proudly

Spotted and scarred, beautiful

the worthy are blind


I was wrong about the shoot dates. 

Usually, thinking you have work when you don’t is kinda awesome. But honestly, when you’re doing it right, I think the opposite is true. I like to think I was doing it right, because yoga and poetry with new friends doesn’t actually sound like a job. I actually really wanted to see this person again.

gemma blog 1.jpeg

Talking about narrative as a construct that both liberated humanity from the limits of evolutionary solutions, yet traps our potential behind societal barriers, as lunch time chitchat is sort of the key to my heart. Waxing poetic about the sweetness of grief reminding us that we have loved, that we can choose love again, and that love is real enough to feel was the dark chocolate dessert I could never say no to.

Also, Gemma was a total sweetheart and was moving to Colorado at the end of the week, so I wasn’t going to get to see her again EITHER. A true travesty, I haven’t quite recovered from.

(Just look at that smile)

I never know how to gauge new people. I often find myself talking to strangers like a trusted confidant. I think it’s because I genuinely love listening. I wasn’t sure whether I was just being humored or if we were all really connecting. I mean, it’s Los Angeles. Everyone’s your best friend you met one time. So feeling like I’d casually blown everyone off left me cautiously aware that I might’ve accidentally closed the door. Which felt pretty bad. Maybe I was overreacting, but I didn’t truly know anything about this person besides that they are a great conversationalist and do yoga:

(Perhaps also like invented some of it)

gemma blog 2.jpeg

A day passes by and I’m thinking about whether or not this invitation to go to her workshop was still open. I know people often offer things to be nice, but don’t always expect you to follow through. Especially in LA, where saying, “yeah! let’s do brunch.” Can also mean, “Bye, Felicia”

I literally booked fifteen people for a photo shoot once, and only one of them came.

I decided I’d try to purchase a ticket to the Workshop just to make sure I wasn’t being presumptuous, but it’s sold out. So I reached out to Talia and she says, “Just come, don’t be nervous. I’m bringing you as my guest.”

I felt so honored.

But I had no idea what was to come.

gemma blog 3.jpeg

More to come in the third and final installment…