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Astro Poetica September 2019 Tarotscopes by Christine Aprile


This month is earthy, my friends. Virgo will be asking us to come back to our true and most grounded center, and with so many planets in earth signs til mid month, tangible plans will flourish. Don’t dismay if you come up against your own projections this month! There are ample opportunities to come clear with your own agenda and dispel any doubts concerning the long term feasibility of your goals.

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New relationships, connections and knocking at your door. How will you answer, and how will you handle the beauty of sharing your inner wealth? 


Build your future and enjoy this moment of abundance. You are wiser than you think, so trust that your decisions are based on fact, love and strong foundations.


Even in the most difficult moments, we have the power of personal choice. Allow yourself time to process your emotions and feel your feels this month. You’ll bounce back with a deeper sense of personal worth in the end.


It really is the journey that matters, and you’re being asked to stay present and focus on where you are right now. This is a time of inner exploration so embrace even the briefest solitary sojourn.


You’ve been on a deep and transformative journey for the past few years, and the message and storyline are finally becoming clear. Allow your inner light to guide you forward in this moment and trust that you are capable.


To truly love is to accept, so meet another halfway, and dare to be vulnerable. Everyone flows in their own emotional manner, so listen with compassion and patience to other points of view. 


You are a necessary part of this world, an intrinsic element in the tapestry of life. Act as such, and shine your light brightly and boldly. Joy is just around the corner.


Allow inspiration, creativity and intuition to flow this month. Bath in the natural wonders around you, or create a sacred space within your own home. Nature will whisper its secrets to you, so take time to listen.


You are surrounded by opportunities and assistance, but it’s up to you to open up and ask for help. Stating your intentions will help you hone in on what will benefit both your own goals and those of others.


You have the ability to lead with purpose and altruism, but always remember that you too were once a student. Create a safe space so that both teacher and student can thrive.


Sometimes a little sleight of hand and creative thinking is necessary. Don’t be afraid to take the lead and utilize your powers of direction. This is a powerful time for you to manifest, so take action.


Resist the urge to take things lightly, and instead, focus on long term cultivation. You’re creating new modes of operation that will impact your future, so plan wisely and trust the process of development.

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